There are many reasons that inclusion and diversity are important, but I also think there are many reasons often overlooked. Diversity, whether inherent diversity (gender, race, age) or acquired diversity (experience, skills, profession) can open a flood gate of new ideas and innovation. With the injection of diversity also comes a new lens to see the world through, new solutions to old problems, new perspectives, new ideas, and the list continues. Especially with volunteers, it’s important to aggressively seek volunteers from populations and professions that are different, just for the sake of good business sense at the very least. As an organization seeking inclusion, you’ll be held higher in the public eye because you’re adhering to social norms, carry more legitimacy and be better equipped to serving a broader population. Often times you’ll learn something new when working along side someone who lived a different life.

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Social Good advocate for CSR, Volunteer Engagement, and Sustainability. Veteran. Manager of Volunteerism at Marriott International. Visit

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